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Current Music:Gothic Sanctuary - Nightwish
Time:09:04 am
Current Mood:morosemorose
If you've read my personal journal this is already there...

Oh she's been here for a while
Disguising things behind her smile
The untruth she hides behind that mask
She won't answer so don't ask

The stunning sadness in her eyes
As she watches blackened skies
She hums her tragic lullaby
And hopes no one will see her cry

She turns her gaze to the looking glass
And hopes these feelings will come to pass
She stares at the reflection she does see
And wonders if that's who she should really be

The taunting shell within the mirror
Stares back at her as though it can see her
It speaks to her with a smirk so wry
"Everything you are is a lie..."

Although imprisoned in a qwod
It's smiling at her in it's joyous facade
And as the moon begins to wane
The cheerful mask drives her insane...

I'm content with it for now. I'll probably find so many things wrong with it later on... It will need to be edited.

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Current Music:Your Secret Admirer (Solitude) - Evanescence
Subject:Random poetry
Time:04:42 pm
Current Mood:blankblank
Well... I think I'll start things off here with some poetry/lyrics I've written in my own LJ... I know, most of them are crap, but it went with what I was feeling at that time.


You watch the sunrise from that crack at your door
Knowing you can't promise you won't hurt them anymore
It's hard to say you won't give up
Of this world you've had enough
And in this hour of morning you'll remain

The church across the street has no salvation anymore (to you)
The body you called home is lying broken on the floor
The people pass; have no idea
If only you could have let them see
But you had been so selfish and so vain

Choking on the words that you are too afraid to speak
The meaning they won't understand; it runs too deep
They don't want to block you out
But they're too afraid to hear you out
In the end they'll just ignore you anyway...



Here's a little sympathy
For you to waste on empty me
This heart of stone inside my chest
Is barely beating beneath my breast

And though you try to make a flame
To warm my core, I stay the same
You want to know the reason why
But if I tell you, all you'll do is deny...

I no longer care for you
After everything you put me through
And though I know you don't believe
You're the reason this has happened to me...

Why can't you just leave me alone?
I'd rather be here on my own
Stop saying that you're so sorry
'Cause I won't accept your apology


::The Devil's Violin::

Can you hear it now?
It's whispering on the wind
The beautiful music
Of his lovely violin
It's melody; so soothing
Like a cool hand on your skin
And do you know who's playing?
Oh, he's trying to lure you in...


I walk among the ruins of the life I lived before
Staring at it's broken pieces strewn across the floor
I try to speak but know I can't, my voice is raw and sore
I would still be in this place if it weren't for that f***ing whore...



I say I love them
I'd do anything for them
But I'm too young to decide
I'm too young to know what's right
I say I want them
I would kill for them
But I get the same thing
I'm to young to know
I'm too young to actually show

They're all I want and all I need
Yes, I am giving into desire, to greed
And I see you glaring at me
Like I'm a disgrace to humanity
What do I know, right?
What do I know?



My life is all a blur to me
If only I could speak and make you see
Tell you you how I feel
And make it seem so real to you

You don’t know what I go through
Go too far and get too few
I need some release
Tranquility and peace
Someone to just make it go away...


::Arteficial Sun::

Radiant in the light from the arteficial sun
Her body; the image of beauty
Shining in this light are her eyes
Deep ocean blue
In them I am drowning again

As she speaks to me I stare, overwhelmed
By the sound of her voice
Music to my ears
I do think I love her, but then again
I am easily caught in such a trap

She touches my shoulder, my cheek, my hair
And I am reeled in: helpless; hopeless
She smiles, a smile so attractive it paralyzes me
All I feel is bliss
It is there and then she devours me

For she is really not the beauty that she seems
Inside her, such a wicked fire burns
This I really should have seen
But I was blinded by her beauty
And by the light of the arteficial sun...



I'm drowning in sorrow
And I'm numb (so slow to react)
Swallowed by the current
And I fear (everything that I am)
I want to be freed
See the light (but I can't)
There's nothing left to bring me back

From where I have gone
From what I've become
This is what I am
Understand what you can

She saw me and ran
Afraid (of me)
And I am distressed
But I am (to blame)
For this was my choice
This is (my voice)
There's nothing left to bring me back


This is a plague
I'm affected (I'm dying)
This is an opened wound
It's bleeding (I'm crying)
I'm going mad
I can feel it (Insane)
And maybe I don't want to be

::Chorus x2::

(Nothing left to bring me back from where I've gone...)


Yes, so there's a few of my random writings. They have no order and probably all suck because they were all spur of the moment things I wrote in my journal. I'll have to put up some more thought out ones later...

- Julia
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Current Music:Whatever dad's playing...
Subject:Promotion Banner
Time:12:21 pm
Current Mood:awakeawake
I have made a promotion banner for the site. It is rather large, and hopefully it will catch the eye of potential members:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Image URL= http://img148.exs.cx/img148/6632/zilthaibanner7uh.jpg)

Please post the image above as or with a link to the site. You help would be very much appreciated!

Wow... look at how cheerful I sound... *scowls*

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Current Music:So Close - Evanescence
Subject:General welcome to Zilthai
Time:03:24 am
Current Mood:blahblah
Greetings and welcome to Zilthai.

I am kindly going to direct you to the "User Info" page. There you will find more information about this community.

I am now going to end this oddly cheery welcome...

Good day/Goodnight/Whatever time it is when you choose to read this...

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You're looking at the latest 4 entries.